Seattle Custom Home Builder

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Services Overview
Schenkar Construction offers a full range of construction services for both residential and light commercial projects. We work with you before, during and after the construction, tailoring services to meet your needs. Our services range from, building major structures to focusing on small residential remodeling, renovations, and light commercial construction. With over 20 years combined experience, Schenkar provides a variety of construction solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

What is Design/Build
The construction process can be intimidating, we at Schenkar Construction Design/Build try to help our clients understand both the process and the direct and indirect costs of why projects cost what they do. We try to help educate our clients as to process and what their expectations should be. The design/build concept has some very essential points that all reflect a better overall project for the owner. With design/build the design and construction come under one contract. Meaning, the designer, architect, engineer and the construction company are a unified team, all under one roof. Our complete design/build service helps keep your construction project running smoothly because you deal with one company from start to finish. We are able to handle every aspect of your project with confidence, we will keep you informed and make you as comfortable as possible through the building process.


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