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Are you considering new construction?

The current market has allowed all of us an opportunity to look towards future investments. Where is the wisest place to increase our investments as well as build our equity? In an unstable market, if you are in a position to leverage current equity, consider new construction. This is currently a buyers market. Home prices are down, land parcel prices are down. The stock market is uncertain, however raw land and or purchasing a property with a dilapidated house with the goal of reconstruction is very real. The tangible nature of real estate will grow in value over time regardless of upswings or downswings of the market. Perhaps this is the time to consider purchasing a parcel which is currently under market value and building a new home. Schenkar Construction has a dedicated design team that will organize and facilitate the entire building process from start to finish.


Does Your Home Have Foundation Problems?

A majority of the older craftsman and Victorian style homes in Seattle built over the last century are in dire need of restoration or rehabilitation. One of the primary problems we see with the construction of these older homes is the compromised structural integrity of the foundations. Please remember, during the beginning of the century and through the 1960’s, these older homes were constructed with sub-par concrete, without rebar and customarily without footings to hold up the walls. We regularly see foundations with substantial concrete deterioration, large cracks, differential settlement and water leakage. This in turn leads to compromised structural integrity and future damage to your home. Our team’s specialty is to approach these problems with a comprehensive structural assessment. Our structural engineer will be able to provide you with professional recommendations to mitigate these problems through a variety of commonly used construction techniques.

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